L-malic acid

Synonyms: (2S)-2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid
Molecular Formula
Therapeutic Category
Nutritional Supplement
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l-Malic acid has many uses in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical industries.
White or almost white powder
1kg~25kg per to request.
Store in sealed containers and keep away from light
Shelf Life
24 months
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L-malic acid is widely present in various organisms such as animals, plants and microorganisms. It is an important member of the basic oxidative metabolic cycle in the body - the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA), and is also an important member of the glyoxylic acid cycle. It is also the product of CO2fixation reaction and is an essential nutrient absorbed by the human body. It is constantly updated in the metabolic process, sometimes used to synthesize other substances, sometimes derived from other substances, directly involved in the energy metabolism of mitochondria, and plays a pivotal role in the metabolic process of organisms. Therefore, L-malic acid plays an extremely important role in regulating metabolic activities in organisms. L-malic acid plays a significant role in fighting fatigue, treating heart disease, protecting the liver, reducing the toxicity of drugs to kidney and bone marrow cells, and positively regulating learning and memory.

L-malic acid has a wide range of uses in medicine. Due to the special position of L-malic acid in the material metabolism pathway, it can directly participate in human metabolism and be directly absorbed by the human body to provide energy to the body in a short time, eliminate fatigue, and play the role of anti-fatigue and rapid recovery of physical strength. The addition of L-malic acid to the drug can increase its stability and promote the absorption and diffusion of the drug in the human body. L-malic acid can also promote ammonia metabolism, reduce the blood ammonia concentration, and have a protective effect on the liver. It is a good medicine for the treatment of liver insufficiency, liver failure, liver cancer, especially hyperammonemia caused by liver dysfunction.

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