When was tirofiban approved by the FDA?

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, the journey from discovery to approval is a meticulously regulated path, often culminating in the sought-after seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For the medication Tirofiban, used primarily in the prevention of blood clots, understanding its approval timeline is crucial for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Tirofiban Hydrochloride

The Date of Approval:
Tirofiban, marketed under the brand name Aggrastat, received FDA approval on January 25, 1998. This milestone marked a significant advancement in cardiovascular medicine, offering a promising solution for patients at risk of thrombotic events.

The Approval Process:
The journey to FDA approval for Tirofiban involved rigorous clinical trials, extensive safety evaluations, and comprehensive documentation of efficacy. Through meticulous scientific scrutiny and adherence to regulatory standards, Tirofiban demonstrated its ability to meet the stringent criteria set forth by the FDA.