What is dextran used for in the pharmaceutical industry?

In the pharmaceutical industry, dextran is used for various purposes due to its unique properties. Some common uses include:

Blood Volume Expander: 

Dextran solutions can be administered intravenously to increase blood volume, making it useful in situations such as hypovolemia (low blood volume) or shock.

Plasma Volume Expander:

Dextran can help expand plasma volume, which is beneficial in cases of plasma loss due to burns or surgery.

Drug Delivery: 

Dextran can be conjugated with drugs to improve their solubility, stability, and targeting, facilitating controlled release and enhancing therapeutic efficacy.

Ophthalmic Applications: 

Dextran is used in ophthalmic solutions to lubricate and hydrate the eyes, particularly in the form of eye drops or contact lens solutions.

Tissue Engineering: 

Dextran hydrogels are used in tissue engineering applications due to their biocompatibility and ability to mimic the extracellular matrix, providing a scaffold for cell growth and tissue regeneration.

Overall, dextran's versatility makes it a valuable component in various pharmaceutical formulations and medical applications.