Congratulations: Ornidazole capsule is approved by consistency evaluation

On March 22, 2023, Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdpassed relevant review of the consistency evaluation of National Medical Products Administration, and officially obtained the approval document for ourstar product Olitai®(Ornidazole capsules,0.25g), becoming the second domestic enterprise to pass the consistency evaluation of theproduct, and also the seventh product of Xi’an Wanlong.


Ornidazole is the third generation of nitroimidazole antibiotics, mainly used in clinical prevention and treatment of anaerobic bacteria infection. Antibacterial spectrum is wide, covering almost all anaerobic bacteria; Long half-life, lasting effect; High safety, no disulfiram-like reaction. It is widely used in gynecology, surgery, gastroenterology, urology, stomatology and other departments.

Ornidazole capsule is oral, convenient use, applicable to a wide range of departments.The approval marks that the quality of Ornidazole capsules produced by Xi 'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical is consistent with that of the original product, and its efficacy and safety are better than those of similar products without approval, which can better serve patients.

Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical adhere to the productionof first-class products, conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities of pharmaceutical industry, and actively contribute to the society. In recent years, six products, including Fexofenadine hydrochloride tablet, Tirofiban hydrochloride and sodium chloride injection, Ornidazole injection, have passed consistency evaluation. Thesuccessful approval of Ornidazole capsule, is the spirit of the pursuit of first-class products. Xi 'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical will continue to increase the investment in scientific and technological innovation, continuous research and development and innovation, to provide patients with reliable quality, safe and assured good drugs, to continue to serve the society with high-quality products, continue to make outstanding contributions to our pharmaceutical industry.