Research progress on the application of malic acid

Malic acid is a kind of binary carboxylic acid with physiological activity, which is widely used as raw material of chemical medicine. The application of malic acid in mineral modifier, hydrogel microsphere, hyperbranched polymer, fabric anti-wrinkle finishing agent, bionic adhesive, pH regulator and so on in recent years. To provide reference for the commercial application of malic acid and the development of downstream high value-added products.

Malic Acid (MA) is a kind of Dicarboxylic Acid with physiological activity, and its chemical name is 2-Hydroxysuccinic acid. Malic acid is a safe, non-toxic, harmless and edible organic acid, which plays an important role in biological metabolism, disease prevention, research and development of new materials and pharmaceutical carriers, and is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, biology, materials and other industrial fields.

In addition to the above-mentioned pharmacological activity properties, malic acid is a highly reactive industrial raw material because the molecule contains 2 carboxyl groups and 1 hydroxyl group, which has the advantages of complexing with various metal ions, self-polymerization, and easy chemical modification of functional groups. In recent years, malic acid has become one of the hot spots in industrial research and development, and has achieved fruitful results.

1. Application of malic acid in mineral flotation inhibitor

Mineral Regulator is a kind of Auxiliary Agent used to adjust the role of the collector and the medium conditions, which can control the effect of minerals and collectors. It mainly includes activator to promote the interaction between waste particles and the collector, inhibitor to control the floating ability of non-floating particles, dispersant to promote the dispersion of non-floating fine particles in the slurry.

2. Application of malic acid in hydrogel microspheres

Hydrogel microspheres are a class of hydrophilic three-dimensional network structure of the gel, there is a special structure of cross-linked network inside the molecule, which can rapidly swell in water and in this swelling state can maintain a large volume of water without dissolving. In recent years, hydrogel is extremely active in Biologicaltransplantation Materials, Nano Sponge, Cartilage repair surgery, Ultra-high strength hydrogel engineering materials and special biomaterials, etc..

3. Application of malic acid in hyperbranched polymers

Hyperbranched polymer (Hyperbranched polymer) has excellent chelation, adsorption and dispersion ability, showing high solubility, high chemical reactivity, low viscosity and other special properties that linear polymers do not have. In Preparation of Special Films, Polymer Liquid Crystals (Polymer Liquid Crystals), Drug Release Systems, Fluorescent sensors (Fluorescent sensors) Sensor and many other aspects show huge application advantages. In addition, hyperbranched polymers have inhibition effect on the formation of incrustation and crystallization process in industrial pipeline.