Indication and Pharmacology of Compound dextran 40 injection

Compound dextran 40 injection is used for acute hemorrhage, especially for the initial treatment of acute massive hemorrhage, hypovolemic shock caused by trauma, burn and bleeding, blood volume decreaseduring surgery, reducing the risk of complications due to extra corporeal circulation when in vitro perfusion.

Dextran 40 is a blood volume augmentation agent, molecular weightis similar to that of human albumin. After intravenous injection, it can increase plasma colloid osmotic pressure, absorb extravascular moisture, increase blood volume and maintain blood pressure. The increase in plasma volume is associated with dextran 40 input. Its effect of increasing blood volume is weaker and shorter than that of dextran 70, but its effect of improving micro circulation is stronger than that of dextran 70. It can cause the red blood cell that has gathered and platelet depolymerization, reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, prevent thrombosis. In addition, it haosmotic diuretic action.

Ringer's solution of sodium lactateis similar to the electrolyte composition of extracellular fluid and can indeed replenish electrolytes and water. When surgerylead toshock, large amounts of extracellular fluid are lost while circulating blood volumeislost. For such a large loss of body fluids, it is better to use compound dextran 40 injection that is the similar toplasma and extracellular fluid electrolyte tissue. In addition, the sodium lactate contained in this product is metabolized in the body to generate HCO3-, which can adjust acidosis. According to the preclinical toxicologytest, the LD50 of intravenous injection separately of this product in male and female rabbitsis 227mL/kg. When intravenous injection of this productis for rabbitfor a consecutive month, the dosecanreach 80mL/kg/day (nearly 10 times of the clinical dose for humans), no drug-related toxicity is observed.

Dextran 40 is the main component of compund Dextran 40 injection. Ans we use the self produced Dextran 40 to manufacture our preparations.