The application for dextran

Dextran has a wide range of applications, such as food, industry, medical and skin care product, it could be used as food additives, drug carrier, organ transplant preservation solution, oil drilling thickeners, etc.

Ø Skin care

It mainly plays the role of reducing swelling, reducing congestion, moisturizing and binding agent. Dextran sulfate can penetrate the epidermis and enhance NO synthesis, while NO released from epidermal keratinocytes can promote blood flow in microvessels and reduce swelling.

Ø Artificial tears

Dextran 70 eye drops is a kind of sterilized eye drops that mimic natural tears, which can be combined with tears, and can replace tear film to eliminate the discomfort caused by dry eyes such as burning, irritation and so on. Dextran 70 eye drops can increase the permeability of corneal epithelium, and dextran 70 eye drops can repair the corneal epithelium and reduce the permeability to normal value.

Ø Organ transplant preservation solution

Dextran is widely accepted as solution for storing and preparing organs for transplantation. Traditionally Corneas has been stored and/or prepared for transplantation dextran, but now a multitude of different organs and tissues are being stored in dextran solution for increased longevity or dextran are used in preparation prior to transplantation.

Ø Plasma substitutes

Enlarge blood volume, improve microcirculation and prevent thrombus.

Ø Drug carrier

nano particle: It has active targeting, that is, the surface modification of nanoparticles makes them specific, based on the active target of nanoparticles, reduces their absorption in normal tissues and increases their accumulation in target tumor tissues or cells. In the case of targeting, nanocarriers are the preferred vector, and targeted delivery of drugs to the target tissue or target cells is required.

Hydrogel: Dextran hydrogel is non-toxic and has no toxic side effects on the body, which provides a good material basis for its use as a drug delivery system. Due to the characteristics of large drug load, easy absorption, convenient administration and stable performance, controlled release drug delivery can be achieved through swelling control mechanism, degradation control mechanism and pH value control mechanism. If controlled release drugs need to be transported, hydrogel carriers can be selected.

Microballoon: The microsphere can concentrate the drug in the target area, improve the drug efficacy, reduce adverse reactions, delay the drug delivery cycle, and improve drug compliance.

Micelle: For the transportation of some drugs, if large volumes of hydrophobic drugs are required, dextran polymer micelles are a good choice of drug carriers.