The use of Iron Dextran

Iron Dextran is abrown to brown-black crystalline powder; odorless.It isfreelysoluble in hot water, insoluble in ethanol. It is a complex of ferric hydroxide and dextran with a weight average molecular weight (MW) of 5000-7500.Iron (Fe) should not be less than 25.0%, calculated on the dried basis.

Iron dextran is ingested via endocytosis by the macrophages of the reticuloendothelial system. The fusion of the newly formed endosome with acidic lysosome results in the cleavage of the carbohydrate shell and the release of ferrous iron (Fe[2+]). Following release from its complex, Fe(2+) is shuttled across the endolysosomal membrane into the cytoplasm via divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1), where it can be stored as a Fe-ferritin complex or get shuttled into the blood via ferroportin, a transmembrane protein. Once in the blood, Fe(2+) is immediately oxidized to ferric iron (Fe[3+]) by ceruloplasmin and subsequently bound by transferrin for transport to various sites throughout the body for utilization (i.e.,, to bone marrow for hemoglobin synthesis or to the liver for storage). Hematologic responses of iron dextran may be observed within 3 to 10 days.

Iron Dextran is an anti-anemia drug. It is a soluble ferric iron agent, which can be made into iron dextran tablets (coated tablets, dispersible tablets), iron dextran granules, iron dextran oral liquid (for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia caused by chronic blood loss, malnutrition, pregnancy, child development, etc.)

Iron Dextran can also be made into injection for deep intramuscular injection.It is used to treat animals that is severe iron deficiency anemia, intolerant or ineffective for oral administration. The dose of iron dextran must be calculated accurately, and it is contraindicated in the case of hepatic or renal insufficiency. After intramuscular injection, it is converted to ferritin in the monocyte-macrophage system for hematopoietic needs. It is suitable for patients with iron deficiency anemia who cannot tolerate oral iron or who need rapid correction of iron deficiency. In addition, oral iron should be stopped during the intramuscular injection period. Infants are absorbed slowly andsusceptible to secondary infectionafter intramuscular injection of iron dextran, so intramuscular injection should be avoided as much as possible.