Purpose To Choose Right And Reputable Dextran GMP Manufacturer

Different from average API manufacturers, Wanlong Pharmaceutical also manufactures finished drugs, which makes us cares more about product quality better than profit. In fact, all our API products are being used by ourselves and only the best quality products are allowed to be sold. That’s why Wanlong has won the trust of many valued customers in a very short time.

Benefits of using Dextran products

The dextran is a glucose polymer composed primarily of glucopyranosidic that are produced from sucrose by leuconostoc mesenteries and related to beings. The dextran is used in a bead that helps in bioreactor applications. It is used for various purposes and also protects metal nanoparticles from oxidation as well. The dextran is longer chain glucose which is related to molecular masses. It is used for diverse application areas include vaccines, eye drops, organ preservations, protein stabilization, and many more. Wanlong Pharmaceutical is a leading dextran GMP manufacturer and we have very strong capacity in supply Dextran with various molecular weights.

Quality dextran product to use

Dextrans Wanlong pharmaceutical manufactures can be used for various applications, such as injectable solutions, eye drops/solutions, cosmetics, etc.  As a dextran GMP manufacturer, we have the best quality dextrans and every of our manufacturing process is strictly controlled.