Production description of L-malic acid

We, Xian Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, are currently producing and selling L-malic acid. The Workshop that used to produce L-malic acid is equipped with independent circulating water system, refrigeration system, hot water circulation system, compressed nitrogen system, air conditioning system, vacuum system, exhaust gas treatment system and other public systems. Production equipment, facilities and utility systems has been validated.

A brief description of the L-malic acid is as follows: Charge ethyl acetate, L-malic acid, activated carbon into reactor. Heat and stir. Press the material into reactor with titanium rod filter, and prepare for crystallization. Cool down and stir. Transfer the material into centrifuge, centrifugate till no filtrate flows out, obtain the wet product. Then dry the wet product into vacuum drying oven. Granulate with the oscillating granulator, obtain L-malic acid.

The production process of L-malic acid is operable, controllable and stable, which guarantees good repeatability of commercial production, and product manufactured conforms to the established specification.

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