The Classification of Dextran

Dextran is an exopolysaccharide (EPS) synthesized by lactic acid bacteria (LAB) or their enzymes in the presence of sucrose. Dextran is composed of a linear chain of D-glucoses linked byα-(1→6) bonds, with possible branches of D-glucoses linked by α-(1→4), α-(1→3), or α-(1→2) bonds, which can be low (<40 kDa) or high molecular weight (>40 kDa).

The characteristics of dextran in terms of molecular weight and branches depend on the producing strain, so there is a great variety in its properties. Dextran has commercial interest because its solubility, viscosity, and thermal and rheological properties allow it to be used in food, pharmaceutical, and research areas.

Those with molecular weight greater than 40 kDa are simply called high molecular weight dextran, while those with molecular weight less than 40 kDa can be called low molecular weight dextran.

Wanlong could produce many kinds of dextrans, we are now have Dextran 1 (molecular weight around 1000), Dextran 5(molecular weight around 5000), Dextran 10(molecular weight around 10000), Dextran 20(molecular weight around 20000), Dextran 40(molecular weight around 40000), Dextran 70(molecular weight around 70000), and we are also planning to put Dextran 250(molecular weight around 250000) and Dextrans with various molecular weight to our production line.