Strong R&D Ability:

Xi'an Wanlong pharmaceutical R&D center is identified as Provincial level enterprise R&D center. With spread over 6000sq.m area, our R&D center has 30 sets of high end instruments and equipment with the original value of over RMB15 million. Our R&D center has about 100 technicians, specializing in chemistry, pharmacology, analysis, and medical science, etc.

High Quality Assurance:

If there is one core attribute to which we attach the highest priority, and on which we will not compromise, it is quality. We believe meeting pharmacopeia requirements is minimum standard. We could take the customers’ audit from home and abroad. Our APIs could meet EP, JP, USP and ChP standard. We also have the following achievements:

18 invention patents

47 drug production license

6 APIs DMF submitted

Core Products:

L-Malic Acid Series:

Dextran Series

L- Malic Acid       CAS No: 97-67-6

Dextran 1/5/10/20/40/70             CAS No: 9004-54-0

L-Malate Sodium  CAS No:138-09-0

Iron Dextran Powder(30% / 38%) CAS No: 9004-66-4

Iron Dextran Solvent(10% / 20%) CAS No: 9004-66-4

Dextran Sulfate Sodium                 CAS No: 9011-18-1